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General info about White Water Woods Resort

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Property name White Water Woods Resort
Address Anakkampoyil,Maripuzha
Area Description River Side and Surrounded by Wayanad BioSphere Reserve
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Latitude / Longitude 11.45254971614386,76.10208570957184 (on Google Maps and OpenStreetMap )
Zip code 673603
Country India
Timezone Asia/Kolkata (GMT+0530), 4.5 hour later, now Tue Dec 6 09:23:38 2016 at hotel
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Brand White Water Woods
Meal Plans
  • All-Inclusive: No
  • Breakfast: -
  • Lunch: -
  • Dinner: -
Accommodation type Resort
Accommodation 6 Cottages and Dormitory Accommodation
 Ground, Parking Areas, Pool, Natural Pools, Jungle Trekking facilities. RiverSide dining Area and Hall for Parties and Get together