Vellari Mala

VELLARIMALA (attitude 2,200 metres), adjoining the Wayanad ranges, is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala. Vellari - with its unique geographical position, gorgeous waterfalls, thick forests shrouded in mist and unique flora - is fast becoming a popular holiday destination.   A 14 km trek amidst bountiful nature, either through Pilathode or the Kalrickal-Thenapara route from Anakkampoil will get you to the hill top. Anakkampoil is approximately 45 km from Kozhikode which is linked by Kerala State Transport Corporation bus services. vellarimala One has to start trekking early in the morning. A 6 km walk on a rough road lined with habitations, rubber plantations and dense kurinji vegetation would take you to Olichuchattam, a spectacular waterfall. The water gushing down several hundred feet is a rewarding sight. After resting for an hour you can proceed to Vellarimala where the vegetation is dense.
  Nature is at her best in these forests and there are a variety of flowering plants. All tree trunks and branches are festooned with epiphytes. In the wettest places, wild balsams, sonerilas, osbeckias, lasisiphons, and rare orchids appear in a riot of colours - varying shades of red, pink, white and yellow. Vellari also has a variety of wild animals that include the bison, the jackal and the porcupine.
Nights can be very cold. Warm clothes and sleeping bags help in mitigating the effects of the cold. December to March is the ideal time to visit Vellarimala. Mountain weather is unpredictable and the trekker has to be cautious about rains. Another problem is the lack of experienced guides. The view from the hill top is one of the grandest as one gets to see wooded valleys, overhanging precipices, undulating grassy hills and the blue ranges in the distance.