Tucked in the Wayanad biosphere Forest reserve, White Water Woods is an Exotic River side and Hill Station Retreat. Deep Tropical Evergreen Forests and Rivers provide numerous exciting Trekking routes. The vegetation is lush green with trees with huge canopies and moss covered climbers. Occasionally you may get a glimpse of wild life.

With its unique geographical position, gorgeous waterfalls, thick forests shrouded in mist and unique flora - is a popular holiday destination.

Exciting and strong experience of Iruvanzhanghi and adjoining tributaries includes combination of showering waterfalls and deep green pools. Trekking guide will accompany your departure from the resort and arrange for the right requirements according to your interests

Feel your adrenaline rush in the furious White Water Rapids through the jungles. Interested in adventures on the rivers of Kerala? Join us for some action packed whitewater rafting, conducted in the beautiful rivers of Kerala! Explore our rafting packages

The view from the hill top is one of the grandest as one gets to see wooded valleys, overhanging precipices, undulating grassy hills and the blue ranges in the distance.